Tuesday, May 25, 2010

June 2

So, Nebraska Children's Home called. Our next step is a meeting/interview on June 2 in Omaha with the director to make sure we're prepared to move onto the 2 day workshop. One more hoop is about to be jumped through. We're just excited to be moving on in the process. A lot of my friends are either finding out that they're pregnant, or having babies, (which we are ecstatic about, by the way!) and it felt like we were in standstill mode. God gave us the nod for the next step, so we'll gladly take it! In other news, Cael is signed up for gymnastics and he starts on June 7th! He's super excited! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preschool graduation

Wednesday was Cael's preschool graduation at Peace. I never thought my kid would be the one standing up there not singing. He wouldn't make a peep...until the end of "5 Little Monkeys," when he made his own ending. I wish we would've been videoing. I think some parents behind us were, so I need to inquire about a copy. He'll be heading back there next year 4 days a week to get ready for Kindergarten. His buddy, Kendal (the girl standing right next to him, goes to our church, and she'll go next year, too.

3 on 3 Co-ed Volleyball Tourney

This last Tuesday we had a volleyball tournament at school, sponsored by the student council. It was a lot of fun! Not a lot of seniors, so we got to hang out with some of our younger kids. We lost two games and won one. Hey, we tried! I'm glad I wore knee pads! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mugsy Sent Me

May 1st, we had our Spring Production of "Mugsy Sent Me." It was kind of a review in a way, since there wasn't any 'real' plot, but there were characters that spoke. We were in "Big Al's Place" eating and having a good time, listening to performances and watching people dance. Big Al(ice) did make an appearance at the end since we brought in some 'prohibited' items (root beer). It was a fun evening with great food and entertainment. My cast. Robin Seim and I doing the Charleston in the back during the final performance of it. When our kids sang, some of the other kids went and picked people out of the audience to dance with. There were some tears from moms who got to watch their daughters come to dance with their dads. It was cute! We had so many kids that wanted to get up and show off their talents by singing solos, duets, and small groups. It was great! Big Al(ice) Her bodyguards.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Allen's seniors

Allen wrote a little something to his two graduating seniors. He then picked out some pics of them, I tweaked them, and now we need to print and frame them for graduation. Jake Brad