Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We've been busy!

Our busyness started with Allen's dad and his girlfriend coming to see us.  The got here on July 14th and left the morning of the 16th as they headed to Minnesota to see Allen's sister, Kerrey, and her family.  We had a good time showing them the sights of northeast Wisconsin.  We even found a quilt shop for Barb and a liquor store for Allen and Dad.  Cael and I found the library at that time. :)  At the liquor store, the boys found some honest-to-goodness real Moonshine.  It was blueberry flavored, and has some fruit in the bottom.  Their faces were priceless as they took a swig later that evening.  After it was mixed with Coke, it seemed to be ok.

 Allen went up to give Cael a haircut, and look who came down with a mohawk!  He wanted something different for the summer, so we figured it would be ok if he wore it until it was time for his teacher home-visit.
 The Schmidts have quite the raspberry patch! We were asked if we wanted to come out and pick while they were gone on vacation.  We got a pail full and froze them for winter munching.

 Cael is quite efficient at his chores.  He graduated from just putting away the silverware, to adding in the plates and bowls as well.

 I decided it was time to figure out a way to display my running medals.  I got cheap curtain rods from Walmart and used those.  Cael even has a few medals for display! Hopefully he'll be adding more.

 On the 22nd, the Wing family pulled into our driveway.  The boys had a lot of fun writing, directing, and starring in their own movie.  I even got a short cameo.  No autographs, please...
 Since Dan is a rabid Packers fan, we went to Lambeau Stadium and all over Green Bay.  Some of the best times were just playing at the park.

Cael and I ran the Packer 5k on the 27th.  My mom, sister, and her family came and watched us.  They got to be in the stadium as we ran through.  Since we went on the stadium tour with the Wings, Cael has caught Packer fever.  He assured us he still likes the Steelers, but he likes the Packers, too.  We told him that he could like any pro team, but he's a Husker fan, or he's sleeping in the garage. ;)
 We went to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens to take senior and family pics for the Monie clan.  Derek enjoyed beating up on me.
 After the Garden, we went to Bay Beach.  Cael loves the helicopters!
 When going down the Super Slide, make sure you keep your hands on the inside of your potato sack, or you might lose some skin!
And now - laundry and getting things ready for school!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July in Bonduel

 This morning we were in the parade in Bonduel.  Good fun, and lots of candy. :)