Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok, show of hands, who's summer is going too fast? Raise them up! That's what I thought. Mine, too. Can you believe there's "back-to-school" stuff in the stores already? Actually, yes I can, because next month the Halloween stuff will come out. I've been thinking and chewing (a horse analogy meaning "to ponder and process." Thank you, LeAndra) about this next school year. I've got soooo much planned, I'm sure I'm over-ambitious. Well, bring it on! Sleeping is completely over-rated. Along with the potential move of our family to a town 15 miles south, scheming about fixing up that house, readying our house to sell, inspecting corn fields, helping with a theatre presentation at our school, hopefully receiving a foster baby sometime, and whatever else God throws at us, I really am quite bored this summer. (Ya, right.) I have lots to do, and I'm glad that God has trusted me with it all. His gifts to all of us are amazing, and I'm managing the present (with His help, of course) while staying hopeful for the future. Who's with me?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cael's Magic Trick

Cael made this up all by himself! It's hilarious to watch him do it in person! "It's going through my head!"

Piggy Bank

Cael had just gotten done putting the silverware away and put his quarter in the "spend" section of his piggy bank. He's saving up to buy a new toy motorcycle.

Swimming Lessons

This week, Cael has been taking swimming lessons with Bridget, one of my latest graduates. Motorboat, motorboat, drive real fast! Cael and Bridget blow bubbles. Flutterkick practice. The first lesson he got up on the board and I basically threw him to Bridget. This time... he cried. Didn't happen. Daddy even promised him a new Transformer. No dice. Oh well. I'm not going to push. He'll do it in his own time.