Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flag Football fall 2012

Cael's team won their first game on Saturday!

Cael's birthday pictures

 I usually try to take Cael's pictures around his birthday.  Last year was at Chadron State Park, this time was in Nebraska City during the Apple Jack Festival.  I think they turned out ok! :)  I'll put more on from the festival and his football game.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day weekend

Allen came back for Labor Day weekend, so we took the opportunity to introduce Cael to the Sea of Red- aka Memorial Stadium.  It was hot, but a great day for a Nebraska win.  I'm not sure Cael wants to go back too soon, since the game was long, and he couldn't change the channel.  He does, however, want a Husker room when we get our new house.  That's our boy. 

Time for an update

Well, it looks like we'll be in Wisconsin in January! Don't worry, we'll bleed Husker red forever, and we won't become Cheese Heads.  I can't promise we won't start talking with a weird accent, though.  We've been busy this month, and it will continue for a while, I'm afraid.  Allen, Cael, and I went to Wisconsin to check everything out.  Sorry, no pics.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  But I'm sure I will have plenty after the new year.  Probably pictures of snow.  I told my students this last week.  The freshmen were bummed, the seniors were sad I wouldn't be there for their last semester, the juniors were sad I wouldn't be there for their last year, but the sophomores are taking it the hardest.  At least one kid is claiming he's moving to Wisconsin with me.  At least I know they'll miss me.  Allen and I are just happy for a fresh start for our family.  While we were in Minneapolis during our last night, I was looking online at the Green Bay newspaper classifieds to get a feel for what Allen could be looking for in a job.  I found an incredible... no... THE job for Allen.  It's working for Goodwill Ind. as a Financial Wellness Coach.  For those of you who know Allen, this is PERFECT for him.  Education. Finance.  He lives for this stuff. When he worked for Thrivent, he was reprimanded for teaching about the financial products too much.  He loves teaching people about handling their money wisely. He sent in his resume, and out of 150 applications, he's in the top 15 that will be interviewed.  To quote a friend,  "Your Will be done, Lord, but pretty please???"  So now we're just waiting for an interview date.  PLUS, Allen could be getting out sooner than Christmas.  Thanksgiving, in fact.  Maybe sooner.  If he lands this job, we're hoping sooner.  He could be in Winsconsin before Cael and I.
By the way, Cael is ok with the whole moving thing.  For now, at least.  While we were there, my principal invited us to supper.  He has a son who is 6 and in 1st grade as well.  Cael and Ryan are now buddies, and can't wait to be in the same class together.
We're going to be in a great area for hunting and fishing, which Allen is stoked about.  Lots of trails for me to run on.  We're going to have to get Allen's hip fixed so he can run as well.  We saw something we've never seen before.  They have snowmobile crossing signs in town.  Never seen that before.  I'm sure we'll see lots more.