Sunday, February 22, 2009

State Wrestling

In the program's second year of existence, our wrestling team qualified two for state (we have three wrestlers). It was awesome. For those of you who have never been to State Wrestling, the video is the "Parade of Champions" where they bring out all of the guys wrestling for 1st. Back in the Devany in Lincoln, the lights would go down and they had some special effects. They don't do that at the Qwest, but it's still pretty cool. The Qwest Center was packed. We were up in the nosebleed seats, but we actually had a pretty good view. Even though neither of our guys made it to the finals, watching the Parade is pretty cool. Ethan Jenkins from Arapahoe (Allen and I graduated from there) won the 215lb class. Kyle had to wrestle him the second round. It was weird because their coach (Jared Hemelstrand) and Allen were on the team together in high school. Actually, Allen and Jared were in the same weight class and wrestled every practice. Allen's former coach (Darrell Barnes)was there and made sure to watch all of our matches, as well as Arapahoe's. Interesting note: the National Anthem was sung by Molly Kenow from Lincoln Lutheran. Her dad, Pete, works at Concordia University. I used to work with Pete in the Admission Office and babysat Molly and her sister a couple of times. Small world, huh? By the way, she has an amazing voice!
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

District Wrestling

I got to go to the second day of District wrestling since the roads finally cleared enough. All three of our guys were alive and kicking on Saturday and looking good. Brad was wrestling so well, but had to be pulled from the tournament on a technicality. We felt so bad, especially since we knew he could've placed. He took it well, though, and is ready to work hard this summer and go again next year. Kyle took third. Jake got second. I was in the stands for this match since Cael was asleep on me. Allen, Keith, and Taylor. Taylor looks bored, but she's actually mad at Jake for pulling a dumb move and getting scored on. Taylor is Cael's "girlfriend."

Potty Training

At 3 and almost a half, Cael has really not shown any real signs of giving up his diapers. It's been very frustrating. However, our babysitter, Lynda, has just been putting underpants on him to see what he does. Friday, we had a snow day, and since I couldn't get to Sutton to District wrestling that day, I decided that it was an underpants day. He did so well! Only one accident, and that was a half hour before bed. I didn't even have to remind him. He just got up and went! I think we might be on our way...

Friday, February 6, 2009

NU Wrestling

Last night we went to Lincoln for the NU vs. OSU wrestling duel. NU won 17-16. This is Cael's meanest wrestling face. Signing autographs

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy week

Last week Allen had the boys at Greeley and Ainsworth, and I had my speechies at Ord. It was a long weekend for everyone. Jake and Kyle both got 2nd at Greeley, and Kyle got 4th at Ainsworth. Ainsworth is a really hard tournament. My freshman OID got 4th at Ord. This week we go to Central Catholic in GI for wrestling and Aurora for speech. Right now, we're just trying to catch up on our sleep and get things back to "normal."