Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soooooo, I have a lot of pictures, ok?

No, really.  I have 18 on here, I think.  
Here's Cael at Easter looking for eggs in the living room, since it was blizzarding outside.

Here's a good pic of Allen at the "Night of Dinner and Music" we had at St. Paul, Bonduel.

One of my friends in Nebraska is going to China soon to get their second little girl.  Since my Life Skills class is making rag quilts, we asked if we could send one along so she could give it to a little girl at the orphanage. She is very willing to do this for us, so here's the beginning of it!

All but 3 of my kids at Prom.

Me and Charissa.  She's the amazing lady who runs our office at school.  We've been working on lots of the events together, such as, well, Prom.

I'm going to take senior pics for a few of my kids, and Cael and I went out scouting possible spots. This is the "channel" that comes off of the Wolf River. Apparently you can see the sturgeon "run" (spawn) up this dam at the right time of the year.  Should be soon, I think. 

 We went out to Shawano County Park.  The ice hasn't completely broken up, and the wind coming off of the lake was chilly, but it was pretty, so I took a few.  Yes, that's snow on the beach.
 Cael had some fun on the park equipment and made a few friends.
 We were told about some trails out by our sledding hill, so Cael and I set out to find them.  Beautiful!

I ran from Shawano to Bonduel today on the Mountain Bay Trail.  It was 8.72 miles from our house to the spot where Allen picked me up.  I didn't see any bears, but I did see/hear turkeys, frogs, and several cranes.  It's pretty dense forest in some spots, and the echo was pretty loud! What a symphony of nature for my run!