Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What a day...

We FINALLY closed on the house this morning!!  I had to go to the bank early to get a cashier's check.  I was headed there while Allen was taking Cael to school.  We were backing out of the driveway when Allen got a phone call from my principal (my phone is stupid and I can't receive/send texts/calls.  I'm getting a new one tomorrow) who said we were having a late start due to the ice that was coating the roads.  It was raining, but it was still 32 degrees.  Not a good combo.  So, the boys stayed home while I slid to the bank and back.  I got home, and we loaded up to go to the title company.  The neighbor lady was walking/sliding down the street as we were leaving, and we had just said we should offer her a ride, when BAM!  Down she went.  She hit her head and shoulder and was pretty shaken up.  Allen was trying to get her out of the freezing water that she landed in, when our other neighbors pulled up and gave us a hand.  We called the ambulance and we stayed with her until it came.  Those poor paramedics were sliding around everywhere as they were trying to load her up.  It was quite a situation.
So now the house is ours and we can continue our improvements.  Phew.  We're in the middle of a winter storm pattern right now.  We're hoping that the snow will start as it's supposed to around midnight (and continue until 4pm).  The forecast is 4-8inches.  We're hoping for a snow day tomorrow so the whole house can stay home together.  Our school is going with 2 area Lutheran schools (7th and 8th grades) on a ski trip on Thursday.  Allen is jealous.:)
Things are going ok for the most part.  We got past the sewer drain backing up in the basement, the dishwasher not working, the VA changing the rules on us every couple of weeks, and several other mishaps, but God is good, and we will continue on.    

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here are the videos of Cael's matches last night.  The kid in blue is his first match and the kid in black is his second.  The videos are just a minute long or so.  I stopped filming so it would be easier to upload them.  To see him get his hand raised, go to the last video. :)

What's been going on in Wisconsin...

We've been trying to acclimate to our new Wisconsin home, however, it would be easier if we could close on the house.  The VA is being very difficult.  We were supposed to close on the 27th of Dec.  At $50/day of early occupancy fee, it's getting quite ridiculous.
Cael is doing well at his new school with his buddy Ryan.  They haven't gotten into too much trouble together, much to our relief.  Cael brought home a flyer for youth wrestling.  We were excited, but he didn't want to do it.  What?  Not trying wrestling in our house is pretty much blasphemy.  We weren't going to force him, but we were going to make him at least try.  He came home from the first practice excited and pumped up.  Phew!  The second practice was a little trickier.  He had a really loose front tooth and got it bonked, so we ended up bleeding all over.  It was tender, and he really didn't feel like wrestling any more that night.  We had been working on that tooth, but it just wouldn't come out.
Last night was his first meet.  He did really well!  He lost his first match 2-6, but didn't give up and worked really hard.  His dominated his second match 11-4.  I will load the videos.
Otherwise, school is going well for me, and Allen is getting trained for his job, although he is working on getting a different one.  Hope all is well with everyone!