Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night I got the mail, and in it was a schedule for fos/adopt classes! We start the Monday after Easter. We could be fostering as soon as the middle of May!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clean Teeth

Today was Cael's first dentist appointment. Everything went very well. He was such a big boy and behaved beautifully. I, on the other hand, have to go back at the beginning of June for some work to be done. (sigh) I figured. Oh well. Please pray for our family as we start the process as fos/adopt parents. That's where you become foster parents, and if the child is available, you may pursue adoption. We're waiting for the first of the paperwork to come in so we can sign and get the ball rolling. We'll have to take the classes, but we're not sure when one will be available. We just have to have patience right now, and that's very hard to do! There are so many kids out there that we can help!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Bike

Look what Cael got today! It's been nice out, and Cael wants to be one of the big boys. He's so grown up!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is a video on Sports Illustrated for Kids. Kyle is at 1:06. Pretty cool!

No Break

While everyone else gets Spring Break, we have to wait for Easter. Our Easter break is Thursday through Wednesday of Easter week. Oh well. Cael and I are just hanging out for the weekend and waiting for Daddy to get off of work. I need to go grocery shopping - the cupboard is bare! Tuesday night is our Speech/Wrestling night at school so we can showcase what our kids can do. Hopefully that will go smoothly. AND this last week - Cael is now registered for Preschool! My baby is going to go to school! Wasn't he just born???

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big 12 Wrestling Championships

Saturday we went to Lincoln to see the Big 12 Wrestling Championships. We had a good time, but had to leave early since it was getting late, Allen had to work in the morning, and the weather was getting bad. Iowa State and Nebraska ended up as Co-Champions. We were in the Coliseum. A very cool atmosphere for wrestling. It's close and gets really loud. There were some pretty close matches. It was crazy because we saw a lot of high school wrestling coaches that we know. Allen was feeling like he needed a hospitality room like they do at high school meets just because there were so many of them there. The highlight of our day was getting to watch Iowa State's coach, Cael Sanderson. Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet him since we had to leave early. Hopefully we can go to the duel next year in Iowa. We cheer for IS as long as they aren't wrestling NU. Our Cael can now pick out the "Big Cael."

Lutheran Schools Week

This last week was Lutheran Schools Week. We had special themes for each day that we could all dress-up. I wasn't at school for two of the days, but I did participate the other three. Tuesday was "Fake an injury day." Ben came to my room wanting a black eye and a scar. So.... Looks pretty beat up, huh? The benefits of knowing drama makeup! Friday was "Retro Day - 70's and 80's." Usually I do this with Robin, but she had a doctor's apt. It just wasn't the same, but it was fun anyway. Yes, that's an acid wash fannypack. I used it to hold my Debbie Gibson tapes. Thursday was twin day. Robin and I wore shirts that had a sock puppet on them and said "Talk to the hand."

Monday, March 2, 2009

District Speech and Front Page News

This weekend we went to District Speech in Falls City. It was a looooong day. The drive was 3 hours on good roads, but there was a snowstorm that made travel a little iffy Saturday morning. It's a good thing we stayed in Nebraska City the night before. I had 5 events medal, with 2 kids qualifying for State. Lauren, a freshmen will do Persuasive, and Taylor (Cael's girlfriend and our wrestling stat keeper) will go in Serious Prose. I'm proud of all of my kids this year! One of our wrestling moms nominated Allen for an article in the local newspaper. He thought it was an article on the team, but it was actually the weekly feature of "Extraordinary Person." It's on the front page! Very exciting! Copy and paste.