Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last night, the little kids' football teams got to play during halftime of the Danger game. It was mass chaos, but they had fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Concert

Cael had a Spring Concert last night. He did really well, as did all of the kids. I only filmed the K-2 section of the program, though. Cael is in the second row from the bottom in a bright green shirt on the left side (as you look at them).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trail run

Click HERE and HERE to see a pictures of Dan Wing and I running the Wilderness Park Trail Run in Lincoln. I'm really sore. It's a lot harder to do a trail run than a road race. That's for sure. We were out in the middle of nowhere. The trail was marked by colored flags hanging in the trees. When we were running and didn't see the flags for a while, we were a tad nervous. It was an interesting race, to say the least. In the woods, over and under tree branches, up and down embankments, etc... Toward the end, I had to run tangents = "I'll run two flags and walk one. I'll run to there, and walk to there." My legs were shot. But, hey, I've done a real trail race. Now - St. Louis!
My results:
Name: Jennifer Blake
Distance: H
Time: 2:20:55
Pace: 10:46
Overall Place: 53 of 97
Place in Gender: 29 of 57
Division F3039 Place: 13 of 21 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is Cael's first year of flag football. It's quite entertaining!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Because Mom said

that I hadn't posted in a while. She told me this over Skype last night as I was doing an ice bath for my achilles tendonitis. I tried to run outside the other day when it was 70 degrees, but it was an epic fail due to the pain shooting through my heels and ankles. And I have a 1/2 on the 17th. Not great timing. Not sure what I'm going to do this next week. Maybe do x-training and hope Saturday goes well? I don't know. Gotta talk to Robin or the trainer.
This is National Lutheran Schools Week. What does this mean? (wink, wink, Lutherans) It means that we have a whole week to dress up in costumes. My Monday was PJ day. We LOVE PJ day!! Cael had Cornhusker/Farmer day. He wore his John Deere shirt.
Tuesday was our Ugly Day, and Cael had London Olympics Day. He didn't dress up and neither did I.
Wednesday was our Crazy Day. I contemplated not dressing up because, hey, have you met me? I'm crazy just the way I am. I did, however, wear my turquoise pj pants, mismatching socks, and light up shoes. Yes, light up shoes. Little girl size 3. Because I can. Pretty epic, I must say. Cael had Amazon/Explorer Day. Didn't really dress up.
Today is our Hawiian/Beach Day. I have on my grass skirt and lei. Also, my Tri-Noosa 7's. The kids like them. Especially when I turn off the lights so they can see them glow. Cael has Hollywood/California Day. He has a black hat, microphone, and a big ring. "Cael who are you?" "I'm SLASH!" (sigh, wipe a tear.) That's my boy. Other kids are going to be dressed as Snookie and Justin Bieber. Not my boy. Slash. Mom, Slash is the lead guitarist for the rock band Guns N Roses. He opened for Ozzy last February when Allen and I went to the concert. It was pretty awesome. This is most certainly true. :)
Tomorrow is my Backwards Day and Cael's Tiger Day (Trinity Tigers). They get out at 12, and I need to pick him up because he has a dentist apt. at 1pm to have work done. We really shouldn't be having school tomorrow, since Robin Seim is taking choir kids on tour, and we'll be missing 3 teachers, but whatever.
Allen has an orthopedic apt on the 16th. Hopefully we can move forward. On any path. Forward would be good.