Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back from the North

This week, my sister, my mom, Cael and I went to Wisconsin to do some house hunting.  Cael and I didn't have school due to the Nebraska District's Lutheran Teachers' Conference, so it was a good time to go.  We stopped in Marshalltown, IA on the way up and back, since we have family there.  From Arapahoe, it's the half-way point, so I'm guessing they'll have a lot more traffic from this side of the family.  We arrived at our hotel Wednesday afternoon, and had supper at our favorite place (so far).  It was dark when we finished, but we still managed to find the house that we were going to start with in the morning.
Thursday morning, we met the realtor and started looking at possible homes.  The first few were not good.  I was thinking we were in for a repeat of August, when Allen and I looked and found absolutely nothing.  We found a house in the town where Cael's school and our church is.  It was at the top of our list until the Friday afternoon when we looked at the last house on the list.  Jackpot!  We will hopefully be bidding on Monday.  We're praying everything goes well.
Thursday night we had supper at my principal's home.  Cael got to play with his buddy again, and they both were super excited.  We had a nice time visiting.
Friday morning, I went to my new school to meet everyone, just so I wouldn't be going in "cold" in January.  Of course I'll be cold, but at least the kids will know who I am. :)
We got back today not too long after lunch.  It's good to be back, but I am excited to start something new.