Monday, April 16, 2012

St. Louis

This weekend, I went to St. Louis to run in the GO! St. Louis Marathon. Friday, I stayed at the Wings' house in Sweet Springs. Saturday, Dan and I went to the expo to meet up with our college friend. While we were there, we got to have our picture taken with Jenn and Jay Jacobs from Biggest Loser. They were on the same season as Rulon Gardner.
As for the marathon, well, we ran. My stomach had been really bad all week and I was kind of concerned about it. Friday, I realized my hip was out to the point that I was gimping around. My chiropractor was in Burwell on Friday, so there was no way I was getting in. Fortunately, I got in to Sara's chiro in Concordia, MO on Saturday before we left. I felt better after going, and I was feeling more confident. We started out 7am Sunday morning to a group of 15,000 runners and a beautiful morning to go for a run. I was feeling good. The half-marathon turnaround was at mile 9.5. I contemplated turning around, and as soon as we passed it, I regretted it. But, I came to run the marathon, so here we go. At mile 10, my stomach decided it was done being good. Dan ran on ahead while I tried to get my stomach to settle as I walked up a hill. Around mile 14 I was thinking, "Not in front of these people!" Yep. I threw up. A lot. Stupid stomach. There was an official close by who ran up and asked if I was ok. A medic came by and asked if I needed an ambulance. No. Are you sure? Yes. I think I can make it if I just walk for a while. They told me that they couldn't stop me, but they would strongly suggest that I not go on since I obviously had nothing left in me. They called me a "sag wagon," and I now have my first DNF. "Did Not Finish." I ran a half. Not THE half, but a half. After my stomach settled, I guess I could've gone back down and run in and gotten a half-marathon medal, but I felt so defeated, I didn't think I deserved it. I called Allen and was so mad at myself, I was crying. I got to watch all of the excited people come across the finish line. I cheered for them. I had to. They were doing what I desperately wanted to do. I was waiting for Dan. And waiting. And waiting. 6 hours came. And went. No Dan. I was getting a little worried. Dan was no where, I didn't have the keys to the car (my wallet was in there), I was in St. Louis(didn't know my way around), and I didn't know if Dan was on the course, in the hospital, or dead. Dan? Where are you, Dan? I finally got a phone call. From Dan. His phone was in the car. Crap. Turns out, he was at mile 25 and couldn't walk straight and couldn't go on. So close!! Lesson learned? Well, humility, obviously. I also know what needs to be my priority. My health/stomach has to get figured out. The chiro in Concordia gave me some ideas, so now I need to do my homework. Hopefully next year I will be part of a marathon relay with our other college friend. Next time. Next time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunset Cruise

We went on a Dolphin Watching Sunset Cruise aboard the Holiday. Cael wasn't impressed. The dolphins weren't playing. They were surfacing, but they were feeding, so no jumping. And he was tired and hungry. Cranky boy. Allen and I liked it. It was worth it.
Those are dolphins. Really. I was always too slow.

Crabber J II

On board the Crabber J II ready to go out and catch some blue crabs!
Cael caught the biggest crab of the trip! He was proclaimed Crab King of the Day! He got a t-shirt and everything. The captain said if we were keeping them, it would've been a keeper! Mom caught one too! It was just under-sized for a "keeper." Dad caught a baby one! Cael had to go up and get his prize from the captain.

The Angler

We went to The Angler for supper Friday when we got there. Of course it was our first stop since it's our favorite restaurant on the island. We had the owner and several servers watching our table since they brought out the appetizers. "Who ordered the oysters?" "ME!" "No, really." "No. Really. The 6yr old ordered the oysters." "REALLY?" "Yep." Then Cael proceeded to dismantle the oysters like a pro. Crackers. Cocktail sauce. Oysters. That's all he needed.

The Beach

Our view from our beach towel.
Cael liked to play in the little pools of water that were in front of the waterline. The jellyfish were washing up on the shore all weekend. Friday when we got to the island, it was cooler and windy. There was bumper to bumper traffic to leave. We asked the guy at the hotel why the traffic was so heavy. He said that people freak out when it gets a little stormy. Great. Sunday was pretty nice. Cael loves to go "play in the sea."

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hilton Head

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Indoor Baseball 2012

Cael has entered the indoor baseball season. I know, I know, we just got done with football. Cael says he likes football better, but I'm assuming it's because he doesn't have to stand and do nothing for long periods of time. He's in the outfield in baseball. His team has lots of good hitters. During the games, if they don't hit 3 or 4 balls pitched to them, they get out the tee. Cael had the tee only the first game. Since then, he's hit the coach's pitches. Pretty proud of him!